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Light Up Your Perfect Life

We specialize in home interior wall-mounted TV cabinet and furniture designs. Proudly present more than 50 models and combinations to choose from our product list. With an extensive selection of home goods and decor along with superior customer service, Casa Wave helps you find exactly what you need. Learn more about us by clicking the button below.

Furniture Designer

Design . Research . Developement

At Casa Wave, we aim to help people discover those special finds to create a home that they truly love.
With over 30 years of experience, we have collected customer feedback and gain knowledge about consumer behavior in furniture. Therefore every furniture was designed not just about the look, but also about functionality and comfort. The ultimate goal is to create furniture that can be use practically in our daily lives.

Cabinet Maker Sketch

Material . Quality . Precision

Each pieces of wood was carefully selected before entering the production, we make sure our customer gets the best quality furniture. Not only to fulfills its purpose for long lasting, but also to protects our forests from unnecessary exploitation. We pay particular attention to the planning and control of the quality of input materials, as well as the production process, taking into account feedback from customers. We constantly monitor and apply new technologies in production, but also systematically invest in the development of our staff. our production facilities are equipped with the latest machines and proven technology, including cnc and auto-hot press machines.


Delivery . Installation . Services

After purchase order submitted, our customer service will contact you for order confirmation and make delivery appointment. The goods will be deliver to your location with estimate 7 working days.

*During festive season, delivery time may take longer due to traffic congestion. We will do our best to deliver on time, and we hope for your patient and kind understanding.

Festive Season such as...

  • Muslim month of Ramadan & Aidilfitri

  • Chinese Lunar New Year

  • Indian Deepavali

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